The BRYAN BROTHERS #1 in Tennis Double in the world . . .

February 25, 2019

An impromptu interview of one of the Bryan Brothers, Mike Bryan by George Veronis, OD+ who himself played collegiate Division I Tennis for West Virginia University (WVU) back in the days.

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Source: George Veronis, OD+


January 25, 2019

Maybe another good reason to have our PEMF + the BEMER SIGNAL in our lives to protect our cells from harm.


Clearly we need more studies regarding BEMER and the ability perhaps to ground our bodies from harmful and powerful stray energies such as the one described in this article.


Because clearly, not to use our smart phones to communicate is a wishful thinking. But at least we should be cautious and aware of how to use these modern appliances responsibly (smart phones, smart tablets, smart TVs, smart electric readers, smart wifi, microwave ovens, and the list goes on and on.)


Welcome to the 21st century –– Are you excited now? LOL

Let's become aware of our environment, where us, our children, our animals and our crops grow. And, see from a behavioral and practical standpoints if indeed we can protect ourselves and perhaps alleviate these harmful effects.

Also, if you do feel compelled to do something about it, please make time to write to your elected representatives and let them know how you are against the 5G Deployment. We really do not need it. 4G is here and let's continue to use just that. It is better to deal with the devil we know than the one we do not know. If you do compare/analyze the impending 5G technology deployment in terms of Risk/Benefits, the answer to that question would be quite clear and obvious.

Be aware!

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Source: John P. Thomas, Health Impact News

Know what you want in life and go for it . . .

January 12, 2019

This is a MUST watch 10 minute of laying it on the line and telling it straight up. That's what it takes to be fulfilled, to succeed and make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

And if you have teenagers, watch this clip with them. Very inspiring indeed.


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NFL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION appreciates BEMER benefits and validates its technology . . .

June 30, 2018

Mount Laurel, NJ June 14, 2018- NFL Alumni announced today its partnership with BEMER USA. NFL Alumni is dedicated to upholding its responsibility to providing its members with the best possible benefits for their post NFL career which is why BEMER USA is a great addition to the team. BEMER USA’s new medical technology that already services more than a million users worldwide will be available to NFL Alumni members!

Posted by: George Veronis, OD+

SourceNFL Alumni Association

A dentist goes back to his first love – Track & Field.

June 29, 2018

Read about the inspiring story of Dr. Stephen Chan, DMD . . .

Posted by: Dr. Stephen Chan, DMD

Source: Dr. Stephen Chan, DMD

Good blood microcirculation linked to longevity

November 25, 2017

Human longevity has been previously linked by researchers to genetic factors, calorie restriction, and certain life-style factors such as physical activity or the Mediterranean diet. Now, Italian researchers from La Sapienza University in Rome have identified an additional factor, which significantly contributes to a longer life. In a pilot study on . . . ​


Posted by: Paula Graham, IBDS



"Let it be YOU" by Jim Rohn

November 24, 2017

Each and every day, there are people all around the world who
are living their dreams. Millionaires are made every day. Families are experiencing tremendous relationships. People are becoming more and more. What's this item about? 

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SourceJim Rohn International


This is what happens when you drink water on an empty stomach, and its not what you think!

November 16, 2017

Japanese women are well known for their slim, healthy, and toned figures. While genetics almost certainly plays a role, many claims that their morning ritual may also be helping them stay healthier. What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention (...)


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August 31, 2017

I was always hesitant to read any article that talked about America and prescription drugs because I knew that the article would likely describe my reality, as I was the poster child for this epidemic.

Each and every single part of this article makes me that much more confident in the path we have all chosen to take: introducing anyone and everyone to an option they deserve to know exists.

All I can say is that I am SO grateful that I am no longer one of those statistics. THANK YOU BEMER!!!



Posted By: Callie Kron, TM

Source: Consumer Reports

BEMER is the preferred therapy for the "weekend warrior"

August 19, 2017

You don't have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of BEMER therapy.

The weekend warrior or the amateur athlete can certainly derive many health and wellness benefits as well by using BEMER on a daily basis (...)


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Source: BEMER-USA field correspondence



JUSTIN GATLIN an American hero and a BEMER User

August 18, 2017

Justin Gatlin is a US Olympian & a World Champion Gold medalist in Track & Field that was introduced to BEMER by Jim & Susan Heckman, BEMER Organization Managers. Please read on his BEMER endorsement as he recently quenched another win and another medal and all credits go to BEMER according to Mr. Gatlin.


Justin Gatlin gatecrashes Usain Bolt's London 2017 farewell party in 100m

Justin Gatlin silenced and shocked the London stadium when he claimed the 100m World Championship title with Usain Bolt in third on Agust 5, 2017. Not bad for a 35-year-old athlete. Can BEMER be his secret weapon?

Catch him if you can:



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Source: Thanks to the Heckman's for sharing this inspiring news with all of us. 

Why Deep Work Matters in a Distracted World

August 17, 2017

How to create meaningful work.

Deep work does not have to be tedious. In fact, it can be enjoyable, creative, meditative, and thought-provoking. Here are some tactics to integrate the principles of deep work into your schedule  (...)


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Source: Evernote blog post by Taylor Pipes

A review of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF)

August 16, 2017

While we all know that BEMER is MORE than just a pulsed electromagnetic field device (PEMF), and that we are the intellectual proprietors of a specific signature wave form called the BEMER SIGNAL and its invaluable Method of Action (MOA) over the organism physiology. However, BEMER still falls under the industrial classification of a PEMF device because of its coil, its base structure, and engineering.


I found an interesting article that clarifies to a certain extent what is PEMF and its clinical and medicinal potential. This article is a bit difficult to digest perhaps for some people, but not for the science oriented IBD.


This is a positive review of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) mechanisms at a cellular level: a rationale for clinical use. This article can be a great report to share with your healthcare practitioners contacts that negate the bonafide use of a PEMF device in the clinical context. 


Just a word of caution. This is NOT to say that BEMER indeed can heal or alleviate many of the medical conditions referenced here in this article. This is a white paper on the potential of PEMF as an Electromagnetic Modality without mention of any particular device. We should always use caution of claims and restrict ourselves from extrapolating basic scientific facts and correlating them to BEMER in specificity.


Posted by: Youcef Benloucif, OD+

Source: American Journal of Health Research

              Published online October 20, 2013 ( 

How much do you need to retire . . .

August 15, 2017

This is a great article on money, finances, and planning for a healthy retirement. Pay attention to the paragraph: “Earn more and invest the difference” as it validates doing BEMER as a serious business even on a part time basis.


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Back to School . . . Back to Demos :)

August 09, 2017

Our So-Long-to-Summer, Get Ready for 4th Quarter Product Presentation in Lancaster, PA brought out a standing-room-only crowd that taxed the meeting room's fire code!  More than 120 heeded the call to get their engines revved for a strong Fall season. We had 12 units set up and ran demos for more than 50 guests, who heard amazing user testimonials and a content-filled lecture from guest presenter Youcef Benloucif, OD+. That's how you build momentum!

Posted By: Chris Veronis, OD+

Source: Veronis Lancaster Gazette

Electroceutical "New Frontier of Medicine"

August 01, 2017

 We always maintained that the ELECTROCEUTICAL "NEW FRONTIER OF MEDICINE" is here knocking at our door. We also for months now, talked about what other innovating companies are doing in this arena.

Well, this article submitted here is NOT an exception to that conversation. In fact, it is a reminder to all of us that not only how Blessed we are to participate in this new frontier, but a proof of what we're doing is greatly validated by the news as well. Please read on, as I am certain that you will be as excited as I am.


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PS: I'd like to thank Bettina Torres, OD+ and Sue Barrington, IBD for sharing this article :) 

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